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3 Hobbies that Can Improve your Work Performance

Mar 29, 2018
Demi Powell
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You perhaps believe that going to the gym or playing the piano could never be beneficial if you dream of beginning to cod e, developing apps or pursuing any other career related to IT. You may even believe that such activities would only waste your time and slow you down on the way to reaching your goal.

However, taking up a hobby which is unrelated to your profession increases your productivity. According to a study conducted by San Francisco State University, an individual with a hobby is 30% more productive at work than the one without a hobby. Not all hobbies can increase your productivity to the same extent but there are some that for sure will. Here are three examples of hobbies that will boost your work performance.

Playing an Instrument

It may sound strange learning an instrument all of a sudden – almost as if you’re having your midlife crisis and are about to set up a garage band. But actually, picking up an instrument is proved to be useful for one’s mind and even boosts IQ by about seven points. There was a research done in Zurich University that demonstrated strong alterations in the brain of 65-year-olds after playing an instrument an hour a week for four months. Improvements were found in memory, hearing, hands, creativity, ability to learn and manage stress.

Playing Strategy Games

If you love a challenge, then a strategic game is a hobby for you to take up. For example, chess boost IQ, creativity, develop problem-solving skills and improve your ability to focus. Besides chess, poker is also a great strategic game which will help you increase your work performance. It will enhance your math skills, decision-making, stress management. If you prefer video games, pick a strategic one to learn multitasking and improve your mental flexibility.

Start Exercising

Physical exercise is commonly praised for its advantages for our health but we often forget how beneficial it is for our mental health. When we exercise, the number of mitochondria in our cells increases and as a result we get more adenosine triphosphate and this is what gives us energy. In other words, people who exercise have more energy and brain power.

Besides that, physical activity increases concentration, the ability to cope with complex tasks, and slows down ageing. To enhance your work performance, remember to exercise regularly.

As you can see, popular hobbies like playing games, learning an instrument, and exercising are beneficial for your career. Don’t forget that there are plenty of other hobbies that will not only provide you with fun challenges and entertainment, but also rewarding work skills.

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