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May 7, 2020
Reading time 2 min.

If you have so much going on in your head and you cannot see your inner peace for all the mental chaos then YOGA will help to shift your consciousness.

Negative thoughts actually release stress chemicals in the body and these weaken the immune system. Stress causes insomnia and high blood pressure and myriads of ailments both mental and physical and It even changes our posture and facial expression. Thats why we we say things like “ you look really stressed out”.

Negative and fear based thoughts even towards another always cause our own minds and bodies to suffer.

YOGA is a scientific and creative art form which takes us away from our thoughts and helps to cultivate within us a gradual cleansing and new perspectives.

It brings about a dominant mental equilibrium which soothes and directs the mind to drop negativity as soon as we notice it arising.

Yoga develops the awareness we need to be finely tuned in to who we are because if we do not heal our own sorrows how can we ever offer assistance to others?

When we practice Yoga we have less thoughts about others, our lives, the media etc. This gives the immune system a chance to heal. It is not achieved from one yoga session but through regular pratice.

We are a collective expression of creation and we are all affected through morphic resonance by all thoughts both near and far.

It is crucial then that we open up our own mental woodland to enter the lush forest of peaceful abundance with Yoga. At least its free and everyone can do it!

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