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29 Lessons I Learnt in 2023
Dec 20, 2023

Reading time 2 min.

What a year! As the year ends in my 29th year, these are 29 lessons I solidified to carry into my 30th year and a new era.

  1. You are your person and should trust yourself to navigate life your way.

  2. Stay away from people who don't love themselves. They will attempt to distract you, sabotage you or attack your sense of Self for their satisfaction. (Yikes!)

  3. Being in your power and moving from that place is sexy. The world wants you to be powerless and to choose otherwise is the perfect act of defiance.

  4. Speak up about your feelings. The truth will break all illusions.

  5. Implement and stand on your boundaries immediately after they are crossed.

  6. Put yourself and your feelings first. Self-preservation is a great act of self-love.

  7. This world is spirit-first. There are numerous people with evil intentions. If your spirit senses something is off, act on it.

  8. Confidence is key. Befriend those that possess it, the latter will lead to your downfall.

  9. You don't have to fit in. If you don't fit in, you are meant to stand out.

  10. The insecure need large numbers to feel strong. The secure can stand alone.

  11. Keep your information to yourself, or share wisely. The unfortunate feed on this and will seek to use it to their advantage.

  12. Leave at the first red flag.

  13. You are in control of what you entertain.

  14. Access to you is important; you can revoke it from those who don't deserve it.

  15. Keep working on your craft, it will pay off eventually.

  16. Those who are spiritually poor, and lack integrity and values should stay far away from you.

  17. Monitoring spirits are real. Watch out for them.

  18. The insecure can't take what they dish out; dish it anyway.

  19. Celebrate your wins even when no one else does.

  20. Your self-love is an armour to low-quality experiences and people.

  21. If people don't respect or value you, show them the door.

  22. A strong cut-off game is a great strategy.

  23. Stand on business.

  24. Don't stop fighting for what you want despite obstacles that come your way.

  25. Dance with life.

  26. Honour your ancestors. They are protecting you from more than you think.

  27. Embrace all aspects and facets of you, even if those around you don't.

  28. Shine brightly. It will attract the right people to you and repel the wrong ones.

  29. Have faith that better will come and honour the present moment.

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Philip Ebuluofor4mo

Insightful piece here. Fine work.