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21 Steps to a Simplified Life: How to Prepare Yourself for Success This Year

Feb 2, 2023
Patricia Mura Desert
Core Spirit member since Feb 2, 2023
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I fell in love with minimalism when I first watched the documentary on Youtube.

Ryan and Joshua — the leading minimalists of our generation, define minimalism like this:

“Minimalists don’t focus on having less, less, less. We focus on making room for more: more time, more peace, more creativity, more experiences, more contribution, more contentment, more freedom. Clearing the clutter frees up the space.”

I am ready to embrace more freedom this year!

What about you? December last year, I took three weeks to re-organize my life for 2023, and I summarized it all into a list here. I hope you find this list as useful as it is for me:

Week one: Declutter your closet

1- Organize your clothes: Only keep your favorite clothes and accessories. Commit to buying high-quality items that will last you longer.

2- Organize your drawers: Fold your clothes, and if you don’t have space — you have too many. Consider separating your daily clothes from the going-out ones. Put seasonal clothes away.

3- Simplify your accessories to the essentials: Pick one item of each jewelry category you can wear daily and go with that.

4- Create a capsule wardrobe: Pick your outfit for the week in advance and keep your morning light and organized. Have a day to try your clothes out.

5- Take care of what you already own: Sew loose buttons — iron your clothes, and put them away. Clean your shoes. Move things to the donations bin.

6- Create a special space for each item: Create a practical system for you. Easily accessible.

7- Plan to Improve: List areas you will tackle next week. Plan for the week ahead 🌱

Week Two — Simplify your Life — Develop healthy routines.

Body :

1- Create a nutritional plan and start it right away: Drink water in the morning and at night. Add tea to your routine. Eat breakfast, and pack healthy snacks. Establish something that works for you.

2- Develop a body care routine. Seasonal skin care: Throw away any old makeup and toxic products. Embrace local organic sellers. Detox- moisturize — hydrate. If your mind has doubt, don’t risk it on your skin — quality and clean products.

3- Create an exercise routine and start it right away: Daily walks — 15 mins of HIIT 3 times a week over a long time. Choose something sustainable. Stretching, yoga, running, jogging, dancing. Embrace movements

Mind & Spirit

4- Develop a morning and night routine: It could be one hour — shower, moisturize, Bible study/reading, then work. Feed your mind every morning.

5- Pray every day at least twice a day: Keep the line of conversation open with God. Pray for others. Keep talking to God.

6- Find an inexpensive coping skill: Journaling, bird watching, recording, music listening, or quiet times. If your coping skill is too expensive, the chance of that being long-term is slim.

7- Get a hobby: You need something fun in your life. Maybe it’s baking, maintaining a blog, cooking, or playing music — keep your brain firing up.

Week three — Sanitize your digital life.

1- Social media purge (my favorite): Follow accounts that align with where you’re going. Archive posts that no longer tell your story. Give up the urge to constantly scroll to nowhere. Replace it with something fun and creative. Read about social media impact from this article I wrote a while back.

2- Clear your notifications: Make it a habit to clear your inbox and unsubscribe to anything you never open daily.

3- Create focus modes on your phone, and block out time in your calendar for things: Add yourself to your calendar. The dream does not work without you.

4- Make space in your computer or phone: Empty your trash folder. Delete duplicate documents and pictures. Transfer to Google photos or drive and clear your storage.

5- Organize your files: Create and label your folders, even on your phone. If you take a picture and think you might use it later for a post, add it to your “creative folder.” Make life easier.

6- Clear old contacts: I’ve recently deleted 25 contacts on my phone from old collaterals when I used to work as a case coordinator to classmates I met with once for a group study and never met again.

7- Pat your shoulders and enjoy your simplified life.

If you’re implementing anything from that list, I would love to hear all about it.

Love & Light!


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