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Supplements That Will Improve Your Well-being
Feb 28, 2020

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Have you or someone in your family experienced depression or anxiety in the past? If so, you know how challenging it can be to get through the day when your mind is always racing or if you are overwhelmed with a feeling of hopelessness. Today, more Americans than ever before are suffering from mental health problems. In fact, it is estimated that anxiety conditions affect almost 19% of all adults in the United States and in 2016 alone, more than 16 million people suffered a depressive episode.

While supplements are not considered a replacement for prescribed medications or professional counseling, there are some supplements, nutrients, and herbs that can help to support your mental well-being.

St. John’s Wort

This is often referred to as the happiness herb and can be a powerful supplement for your mood. In fact, there is quite a bit of scientific support for this supplement. In fact, it has been shown that this supplement can help with mild to moderate cases of depression.

Something that you need to keep in mind, though, is that this is a supplement that may interact with different drugs and it should only be taken with supervision if you are currently taking other medications. The herb may also increase estrogen breakdown, which can make your contraception less effective and cause other symptoms, such as stomach issues, moodiness, and rashes.


This is a popular herb right now because of all the benefits it offers for fighting stress, and the vitality-boosting properties that it offers. It is considered to be an adaptogen, which means that it contains compounds that will help the body not only adapt to but also overcome stress while restoring communication between your adrenal glands and brain, which are responsible for the production of various stress hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol. Some consider this a smart hormone balance supplement and one that can benefit your physical and mental health in many ways.

Reishi Mushrooms

Reishi mushrooms are an adaptogenic mushroom and a substance that has been used in Chinese medicine for more than 4,000 years. As a result, they aren’t new to the game when it comes to mental health support. This amazing fungus, which is often called the King of Herbs, is especially noteworthy because of the unique compounds that they contain, such as sterols, alkaloids, and triterpenes. They also contain antioxidants, which help you have a healthy response to stress and that helps to maintain healthy energy levels.

There was one study that proved people who experienced emotional unease and irritability saw mood improvements after they took 1,800 milligrams of this substance for a period of eight weeks.


If you are stressed, your body will release a continual flow of adrenaline, which is the hormone that makes you feel super-strong, but that can also increase anxiety levels. Magnesium is a crucial component of adrenaline production, which means the more adrenaline that your body produces, the more magnesium you are using Since you also need magnesium to produce serotonin and dopamine (the feel good hormones), this can be problematic.

Research has shown that if you experience a magnesium shortage in your body, it may make stress worse and create other mood problems. As a result, taking a magnesium supplement can be extremely beneficial.

What Supplements Are Right for You?

When it comes to supplements for your mental health and well-being, there are more than a few factors that you should consider. However, there is no question that there are some supplements that provide an array of undeniable benefits. Being informed and knowing the best supplements to add to your diet and routine is the best way to preserve your mental health and feel better day after day. Be sure to work with your doctor to ensure you know what supplements are best for your health and which ones may result in problematic side effects to ensure that you get the most from the supplements you take.

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