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$10 USD
$10 USD

I am highly committed and passionate person. I support people from all walks of life. We all are equal. I have trust in you and everyone’s innate capacity to live a happy life. I am very willing to support you; I feel you have the power to face any challenge, to overcome any obstacle you have to moving forward and living the happiest version of yourself.

With your commitment, step by step, I will accompany you to help you take charge of your own self-care, to build emotional and distress self-mastery, to grow capacity to respond both intuitively and effectively with adaptive strategies and personally tailored solutions to overcome trauma, illness, relationship or work difficulties or any life challenge you are experiencing.

Where needed "I will get in the trenches with you" and help you build a platform of self confidence, to not only stabilise yourself, but to grow into a more fuller and happier new version of yourself!

I will support you to learn to thrive in your life by anchoring, progressively more and more peace, protection, joy, and confidence in your Life.

I will also always encourage you to find and establish meaningful connection with others, to mobilise all the support you need to live the life you want for yourself and those you love around you.

I value clients independence and capacity to live and move more freely and adventurously, my support is offered online, at a time that suits you, reducing your cost of travel, and maximising time for yourself, to recover, to grow and enjoy your own life. I offer flexible hours to suit all lifestyles.

Arranging First Session

I look forward to arrange a 1st session.

I also wholeheartedly recommend and encourage everyone attending counselling to connect with and maintain contact with any, and all, available, supportive and trusted friend(s), family member(s) and effective local, national face to face, telephone and online, mental health and physical health services and wellbeing groups and organisations, each and every time, you feel you need any help or meet crisis! - there is always support around you, you and we all are worth it! we all deserve to feel safe, supported, be well, to thrive and be happy!

Thank you for reading my ad! Wishing you the best from my heart Now!

look forward to meeting with you!


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Glasgow, UK

I am a pluralist, progressive counsellor and life coach, in UK Glasgow. I will assist you to accept and shift forward, out of any problematic situation, by building your capcity for heartfulness, awakening to your own values, discovering how to effectively align your will, your gifts and purpose: You will develop the power to anchor lasting peace and joy in your Life!

On Core Spirit since February 2022

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