Warum du möglicherweise immer wieder den /die "Falsche/n" datest


Ich hoff, das Video kann dir Klarheit bieten und wenn du dich gerufen fühlst, ist es mir eine Ehre, mit dir auf eine 1:1 Coaching Reise zu gehen.
Katja 🤍

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🌷Feminine Embodiment
✨️In service to body-mind-soul-integration ♡
♡ Self-love is the realization of the love within and around yourself ❤️

33 years of practice
On Core Spirit since July 2021

Career Coaching
3 months deep dive
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Sep 27, 2023, 07:00
$2355 USD
coaching session

This 3 months coaching package is for you, if you wish to dive deeper into any or all of the aspects listed below:

⇢ you are seeking more connection to yourself .

⇢ you want to (re)discover the naturalness, innocence and playfulnessin your sexuality .

⇢ you want to feel more alive in your life

⇢ you want to go from the intellectual concept of self love more into the felt state experience of this omnipresent love

⇢ you are willing to look deeply into yourself, to take responsibility for yourself and your life and you want to have some fun while doing so 😊

Methods that I work with:

⇢ Working with emotions: they are an important key on the path to more aliveness, joy and depth in life - my work includes working with emotions on a somatic level. This is, from my experience inevitable because we experience emotions in the entire body and store them there (as well as experiences)

⇢ Conscious use of the breath

⇢ Shadow integration - inclusion of the un- and subconscious mind by doing so, deep and lasting transformation can be brought about.

⇢ Create connection to inner child aspects

⇢ Consideration of and communication with the inner mother & father / inner masculinity and femininity

⇢ My and your intuition

⇢ new habits and versions of ourselves need action in order to establish themselves, hence you get "homeplays" (homework) - in form of meditations and embodiment practices

⇢ my support via a messenger or EMail in-between coaching sessions

Possible results
⇢ More clarity- also in the face of challenging situations

⇢ Learning to see and use challenging situations as a catalyst for your personal growth

⇢ Strengthened trust - in yourself and the big picture

⇢ releasing blockages

⇢ To feel more at home in your body - sexier, more sensual, more beautiful

⇢ To perceive your life again as more beautiful and more alive - more joy

⇢ a expanded experience of spirituality - you are not a human who has a spiritual experience but a spiritual being who is having a human experience - - do you remember where you come from?

In the sessions we can work on the following:

⇢ A deeper understanding for yourself and your inner / emotional world -therefore also for your environment

⇢ Selflove - learning to experience the love within yourself

⇢ sexuality ~ femininity ~sensuality ~ erotic innocence & purity

⇢ releasing societal programs, in order to let your pure essence be seen and felt again

⇢ body peace

⇢ self-trust, self-confidence, speaking your truth, (get to know) your needs in order to better communicate them

Katja Deborah
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