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Inner Child (or Baby) Integration

Oct 17, 2023
Katja Schneider
Core Spirit member since Jul 10, 2021
Reading time 2 min.

Personally, when I began with Inner Child's work in my own system, it started with the memories that were most present to me. For example when I was 8 years old and the teacher was mean. Or other kids. Or the kindergarten teacher at approximately age 4.

But only when I got into the somatic aspect of inner healing and integration was it when I also discovered those really deep and unconscious patterns in my bodymind.
It is the imprints from baby-age and even from my birth that I experience have quite a strong impact on my felt sense experience of and therefore behaviour in the world.
It is in those long forgotten aspects of my bodymind that I sense where original stress experiences had been created and left unresolved.

Those tender and very young aspects of the bodymind are the ones who, in my experience, imprint the stress of the outside world that often acts so numb and clueless towards the tender needs of a young baby. Those needs being kind and loving presence, curious attention, a sense of deep saftey and belonging.

And it just happens to be the case on Earth that parts of our global consciousness are not yet quite attuned to this tenderness but are focused on efficiency, status, "making it in the world" etc.
A baby does not care about these things. It does not need these things.
A baby needs a sense of trust. A sense of feeling safe and held. And these things are not necessarily easy to feel in today's world, where many of us have learned that it is a tough world out there and that somewhere along the line we stand and fight for ourselves.

I personally believe that we do not need to be this way.

I feel that deep down inside, we humans actually want to feel a sense of belonging and trust.

And so I also think that we can learn a great deal from babies and young children.
We can learn true care and kind-hearted presence.
We can learn what it means to be present and tender.
We can learn a great deal of energetic sensitivity.

And we do not even need to have actual children or babies around us in order to practice or learn these things.

Because we carry within us ourselves as babies and young children.

And in many of us, these aspects of the bodymind are long lost, forgotten, neglected, suppressed or denied.

So we can use this opportunity to come into deeper connection, care and alignment within ourselves.
We get to practice deep presence, awareness and true compassion towards the different aspects of our internal world.

Doing this, bit by bit a new internal frequency is being created. A new internal culture of being, feeling and therefore acting can evolve.

By tending to the profound depths of our experience, we may actually change - ourselves and the world ♡

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