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Find Your Inner Compass; Clinical Hypnotherapy With Mary Place : BY APPOINTMENT OLNY There is no one else inside of your mind except you. When you take control of “you” – you become the power of change. ​If you can imagine it, and believe in it, you can become it. ​Your imagination has endless power and the potential to bring you the things that you desire. Hypnotherapy can assist with many things: Transform your negative self-talk into positive self-talk Let go of disempowering beliefs Enhance your self-acceptance Create habits that uplift you Neutralize destructive patterns Your Inner Compass; Clinical Hypnotherapy With Mary Place Let go of painful childhood memories Ease the pain of broken relationships Make the money you desire​ Take control of your life Restore Relationships Recall past lives Actualize your dreams ​Enhance mind, body and spirit health ​Attract compatible people and situations in your life ​Excel in what you do and dream to do Be the person you want to be NOW, rather than LATER, or NEVER. Mary offers a sliding scale cash payment option because often people can pay less than their private insurance​ ​co-pay. She also accepts Medicaid, Medicare and private insurance. Mary believes no one should go without counseling due to the lack of funds.

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​I’m a Clinical Hypnotherapist with over thirty years of counseling experience. I specialize in motivational hypnosis. Visit my website to learn more about me. ( I offer sliding scale cash payment options, I also accept Medicaid, Medicare and private insurance. I believe no one should go without counseling due to the lack of funds.
2022 years of practice
On Core Spirit since October 2020

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April Chase
May 12, 2021

the experience of unsuccessful relationships stretches with me for more than 7 years… I wind myself up and I'm afraid that this may happen again in my new relationship. Will your session help me get rid of this so that I can avoid bad thoughts ?

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