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Universal Energy - Tarot Reading

$40 USD

Do you every wonder what the universe wants you to know right now or feel like if you asked the right questions the universe would help steer you in the right direction? My eyes were opened to the world of tarot and the lessons the universe needed to communicate to me nearly a decade ago, and since then I have strived to help other people learn what the universe is whispering to them. Whether it is a whisper, a stop light, or a exit sign, this 30-60 minute tarot reading will give you insight into what energies are currently around you, how they are interacting, and what actions may be available for you to take to step further into your light.

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It changed me when I saw the power of understanding the blueprint our soul brought into this world with our name and birthday. I love sharing these blueprints and the patterns in the world that can be found in the numbers around us. When I see people learning and experiencing the world with new eyes it me with joys and gratitude.

6 years of practice
On Core Spirit since May 2021

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Kayla Stan
Jun 4, 2021

Hi Michelle, So my readings usually depend on what is necessary for the person at the time, so typically they consist of things from the past that are influencing the situations, what things need to be currently worked on, and the next number of steps may present themselves. So typically within that you will get information around the next year. It very much depends on what will help that individual at that time though. Does that make sense?

Kayla Stan
Jun 4, 2021

Hi Joan, Yes that is entirely fine with me. We can arrange a time that works best for the person it is gifted to. Thank you kindly!

Joan Wilson
Jun 4, 2021

Hi! Is it possible to give your session as a gift to another person? Thx in advance ;)

Michelle Collins
Jun 4, 2021

Hello! Does the session include predicting customer’s future? Thanks in advance!

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