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Twin flame coaching

coaching session
$25 USD
$25 USD

so you went to reader after reader and they all say when you find inner union your twin flame will come back to you. however they never seeem to be able to tell you what that is? Or the reader said they love you dearly but some how you are still blocked ? during this session we will cover what that means and why they love you but simply wont share that love with you. how to remove those blocks , whether its journaling or we do a soul fragment retrival session.
when you experience a traumatic event it may feel like a piece of you have died. it hasnt it simply fell out and it still exist right where it fell out so to revist that time gives you a chance to pick it up. however this can only be done by cleaning out the traumtic debris that would have filled that void.

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Croydon, UK

i am a third generation Obeah and hetanism witch in permanent union with her twin flame. Ever since I could remember I always loved watching my mom play with magic. I remember all the fun we had making love jars and dancing in the water. My mother taught me how. She showed me how to heal my past karmic ties, raise my vibrations.

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