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Tarot Reading

healing session
$60 USD

Tarot readings with me are about using the symbols to tap into your own unconscious and healing abilities and to use the session to see patterns that might be blocking us from achieving what we want to or letting us know the areas that are already working for us. I use the tarot deck not as a prediction tool, but as a safe space for people to get support and answers they are seeking.

The tarot Session is 45 Mins and includes an interpretation of the card readings and a therapeutic discussion with me to decipher the wisdom of the tarot.

“Viveka’s most valuable quality is her ability to listen without judgement. She creates a space of warmth, comfort and amiability so you always feel like you’re in safe hands. She takes time to understand you and gives you the room to open up at your own pace without ever waning in compassion. Her guidance doesn’t ever come at the detriment of you, and it’s never preached or dictated, rather it’s explained with patience and empathy. Viveka is unique in the way she is open to knowledge and perspectives. She works hard to make sure her foundations are solid and balances different disciplines with nuance.” - Mae Thomas, June 2020

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Hi! I love sharing my knowledge and facilitating sessions to help people enhance their lives through a holistic approach to mental and emotional health. Practicing for the past 5 years and have trained for almost a decade in the field of mental health and energy healing. Trained and insured Reiki Master, therapeutic facilitator and tarot card reader. Get in touch to book sessions or to know more.

53 years of practice
On Core Spirit since June 2020

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April Chase
Apr 7, 2021

I feel a block in my head that prevents me from being persistent in my work, prevents me from making informed decisions. How do I remove it? Will your classes help me? Thank you in advance for your answer!

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