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SOUL MAP | AstroNumerology Profile

coaching session
$477 USD

What is your Soul made of?

Find out with my unique SOUL MAP profile & live reading. You receive an extensive, 16-page SOUL MAP pdf profile featuring: your most profound astronumerological impacts & influencing archetypes, the breakdown of your Soul Code, Birth Chart and Manifesting Blueprint.

Reveal your soul’s greatest desires and learn how to manifest what you want out of life- YOUR WAY! We’ll have a 2-hour call to make sure your Soul Map is crystal clear & to discuss the upcoming months with a 3-month Personal Numerology & Card Reading.

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I’m Alexis; Spiritual Life Coach & Metaphysical Provider specializing in Crystal Healing, Sound Healing, Chromotherapy, AstroNumerology & Reiki energy work. My mission is to help you discover your truth, dissolve unwanted mental/emotional distress, clear stagnant energy & empower you to step into your power! I use ancient knowledge, modern technology and spiritual healing to help you rebalance.

On Core Spirit since June 2020

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