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Remote Harmonic Egg Session

healing session
$85 USD

Schedule a remote Harmonic Egg™️ session and enjoy 50 minutes of relaxation from the comfort of your home.This affordable option is ideal if traveling is inconvenient or you have a health concern that does not permit you to do so. Just as Reiki practitioners are able to send energy across time and space, a remote Harmonic Egg session allows the recipient to receive beneficial sound and light frequencies even if they are in another country!

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I am the happy owner of the Harmonic Life Wellness Center in Garland,TX. I offer Harmonic Egg sessions (a resonant sound and light chamber). Bio-Well scans, (an assessment of a person’s energetic state). Additionally, I offer energy Healing sessions in a variety of modalities including Reiki, Hawaiian Healing and Energy Clearings. I offer both in-person & remote sessions on most modalities.

On Core Spirit since January 2021

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$85 USD
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