Relationship Horary Astrology Consultation

$175 USD
$175 USD

Relationships are a central factor in the state of our mental-emotional health and well-being. I can help you have a clear picture of your relationship, be it a long term marriage going through a challenging period or a new budding romantic relationship. I help you understand the various factors and facets of the relationship.

I answer any relationship related questions such as:

Are we compatible? How so?
Emotional, personal, and physical/sexual factors in romantic relationships.
Feelings and attitudes about oneself and towards the other (How does he/she feel about me? Also, how do I really feel about him/her?)
Contradictory feeling in the relationship.
Where the relationship is heading. Will it last?
Motivation to be in the relationship
Self-sabotaging on the relationship
Challenges in the relationship
Bringing to the surface hidden things in the relationship, both in oneself and in the other
Any other question relevant to the relationship

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Felipe Oliveira2021-04-27 22:24 UTC

Hello Emma,

Counseling may help only if you and your partner are in a position to act accordingly. Only the reading will tell if you are able or not.

My consultation will give you information about what is happening in your relationship which you may not be aware of and how it impacts your relationship. It will give you understanding and will tell you the direction things are going and whether any favorable or unfavorable changes are upcoming. Then you and your partner can decide whether you want to, or can, make the changes you desire in yourselves and in your relationship.

Emma Stone2021-04-27 21:44 UTC

Hello! I’ve been seeing my boyfriend for four years and I can feel us starting to drift apart. Can your counselling help restore the idyll in our relationship?

Felipe Oliveira2021-04-24 22:25 UTC

Hi Lina. It is very accurate. For existing relationships, I will give you a clear picture of the relationship, yourself and the other party as well as an indication of where things are going. The consultation may last up to 45 minutes. For simple “yes or no” questions it can last less. It depends on your question and what you want to know.

Lina2021-04-24 21:37 UTC

Hello. how accurate is this practice? how long does it last?

Felipe Oliveira2021-04-12 23:26 UTC

Hi Sarah,

Horary brings information to us. Its function is to show things as they are. So yes, it can teach us about ourselves, how we relate to others and how they relate to us.

What we do with that information is up to us. If we use the information in order to overcome our own mental and emotional limitations and harmful habits we will produce positive change in our relationships; and likely other areas of our lives as well.

Felipe Oliveira2021-04-12 23:12 UTC

Hello Alina,

I will be happy to answer you question. Please purchase a consultation. Thank you.

Alina Lee2021-04-11 18:54 UTC

Hey ! Should i attent the meeting alone or with my partner?

Sarah Brightman2021-03-24 09:00 UTC

I believe that horary astrology allows you to learn something new about yourself and get a clear picture of your relationship. Do you think it can also bring positive change into the relationships? Thank you!

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