Reiki healing over a distance, remote healing

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$45 USD
$45 USD

Reiki is a energy healing system that balances the mind and emotions, promotes relaxation, helps to improve overall wellbeing, improves sleep, reduces pain and stimulate the body's innate healing abilities. Reiki helps with emotional issues such as anxiety, stress and grief; and, when used regularly, can help you cope better with life's difficulties and be more resilient.

A Reiki treatment is usually deeply relaxing, balancing and harmonizing of body and mind, providing a sense of comfort and peace.

Reiki does not have to be hands-on only. It can also be performed over a distance, where the practitioner and the client are not in the same room or even the same country. We are all made up of energy and therefore connected to each other energetically. As Reiki practitioner, I will tap into this connection and allow the healing energy to flow to you. To better understand how Reiki over a distance works, you can think of the waves of the ocean. Each wave can be seen individually, and they act independently, but all waves are made up of water and form part of the same immense body of water. We are the waves, and the universal energy is the water that connects us. Therefore no matter where I am and where you are, we are still connected.

What to expect from a distance healing session:
I will send you a few basic questions for my client records and insurance purposes. At the agreed time of our appointment, make yourself comfortable. You can be seated or lying down. You will remain fully clothed, but please remove your shoes (you can leave socks on). Set a timer on your phone for 45 minutes. That way, you can put your phone on silent so that you will not be interrupted but will still know when the session has come to an end.

At the agreed-upon time, I will start the session. People experience Reiki differently, but most feel either heat or cold in an area, a slight not unpleasant pressure, tingling sensation, or see colours or images. Others don't feel anything or a mix of sensations. Sometimes the effect of Reiki is dramatic, and at other times more subtle and noticed only after a while. All of this is normal. Do not overthink what you are feeling (or not feeling). Just try to relax and know that Reiki is doing the work.

After 45 minutes, the therapy will come to an end. You may wish to communicate with me about the experience you had and I will also feed back to you what I sensed. Other people prefer to process the session for a few hours or even a day before reaching out to me. It is up to you how you proceed after the session.

About me
I am a Reiki Level 2 Practioner, with the necessary professional indemnity insurance. I obtained my qualification from the Reiki Acadamy London in the Usui Shiki Ryoho (Western) and Usui Reiki Ryoho (Japanese) Lineages. I am an associate member of the UK Reiki Federation.

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