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$86 USD

Reiki is a natural and safe method of self improvement that restores emotional, physical and mental balance to our body, mind & soul. It is an extremely powerful and effective Energy Healing Treatment that ignites your immune system and own ability to heal. It works by subtly changing the flow of energy through and within the body.

Treatments bring your body back into equilibrium, relieving stress, anxiety & depression; easing pain; aiding relaxation and strengthening overall health. Blockages and toxins accumulate overtime due to the complexities of life and negative ‘learned’ behaviours and thought patterns that can lead to illness & disease, unless cleansed regularly.

Combining the use of Crystals with Reiki enhances & speeds up the healing process & removal of energy blockages. Each Crystal Grid is built intuitively in advance of your session

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Energy Medicine Practitioner, Blogger & Spiritual Coach. Distance & In-Person Reiki Energy Treatments with Crystals & Sound Healing with individual consultations to improve the client’s on-going mental wellbeing. Past Life Regression Therapist. Reiki Courses & Intuitive Readings via Zoom; Crystal retailer; House Cleansing Ceremonies; Creative Visualisation Courses & Corporate Wellbeing Packages.

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