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Reiki Energy Healing Session- 60 minutes

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Reiki is a form of alternative medicine which functions as a healing therapy. It is an ancient Japanese healing technique which relies on the saying that everything in this universe is made up of energy and one can learn to harness these energies to heal or improve underlying health conditions. This is the reason why it is also commonly referred to as energy healing.
Since the primary concept of Reiki healing is to channel the universal energy and use it to aid relaxation in the body, you may feel deeply calm and relaxed after the Reiki session. It is also said to get rid of all the accumulated stress in the body and aid emotional healing

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Hello! I love connecting with and helping people. I am a Spiritual Life Coach and Reiki Master. I recently graduated from The University of Houston-Clear Lake with my Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology.
I specialize in energy work and positive psychology for stress, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, spiritual crisis and other life challenges.

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$50 USD
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$50 USD