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Reconnecting to Innate Brilliance - single session

coaching session
$150 USD

If you want to rediscover the brilliance you are - and you’re not sure if you want to work with me. Book this session to test it out.

I guide you back to the brilliance you already are, untangling the psychological confusion that gets in the way of that as we go.

By reconnecting to who you are before thought and before ideas of ‘who I am’ you remember you’re already OK - and then everything else gets easier.

I point you to the reliable mechanism of the mind so you know what’s going on in times of stress, frustration, upset - all the experiences we’ve been taught to fix and avoid in life. I show you how they’re actually gifts to wake us up.

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I guide you back to your essential nature and out of the confusion of the illusion of self.

I help you awaken to the truth of ‘no self’ and enlighten from the confusion of stories that have been collected around it.

In this clarity you live with love, connection and trust in each moment whatever the moment presents.

Prior to nondual I practiced as a psychology-based coach.

8 years of practice
On Core Spirit since January 2021

4 min.
Apr 26 2021
Meditation is not a requirement

Really, it is not a requirement, and neither is any other habit, practice, or technique - nothing is a requirement for life. But all these amazing tools are available to us - so what do we do from here?

“Meditation is what we are, not what we do; the se…

Helen Amery
4 min.
Mar 23 2021
How to know if you're actually busy, or you just have a lot on

It was Michael Neill who first raised my awareness to this distinction. Have a read and see what occurs to you.

What are we looking at here?

A couple of people in my life this week have been in touch about feeling stressed and anxious even though they d…

Helen Amery
4 min.
Feb 7 2021
Fizzing Frustration to Clarity: With An Easy Run

Where is frustration prevalent for you right now? This is my client’s story (she gave me permission to share). She’s a Sales Director and we’d had a few sessions by this point. Through her previous sessions she’d had significant insights into the constant…

Helen Amery
2 min.
Leadership Coaching
Feb 5 2021
How Can You Wake Up and Be An Ass?

I’ve been watching alot of Ken Wilbur this week and I love his Integral Theory with stages of: Waking up - Growing up - Cleaning up - Showing up - Opening up.

Waking Up

is the altered state of consciousness that gives us a first person, direct experienc…

Helen Amery

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Helen Amery
Apr 16, 2021

Hi Anna, thanks for being in touch, and yes I can help with that. If you know you just want to go ahead with one session book yourself on and we’ll organise a good time for us both.

If you’re not sure whether you might want more than one session, book a free discovery call with me so we can meet, you can tell me more about your situation and I can tell you more about the work, and the benefits of more than one conversation.

Much love, Helen

Anna Ginger
Apr 16, 2021

Hello! I’m not sure if I have been going in the right direction for about a year now. Can you help me figure it out?

$150 USD
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