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Psychic Reading

$24 USD

You will receive knowledge of your Animal Totem, as well as the presence of an Animal Spirit Guide, ideas of how to explore and fully realize your totem and guides and any intuitive messages that I pickup. You will be surprised by how these guides can assist you, and the character traits you may be taking for granted. I sit with a pen and paper as I write these messages down, listening for guidance on your behalf, I may have to periodically look up symbols I receive because that's just the way they communicate with me, they know I myself am skeptical so they will only give me a word and have me research, building my trust. It works just the same, I think it's funny actually.

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Hello, my name is Terra and I communicate with your Spirit Team for Direction and Guidance, translatiing to you what they feel you need to pay attention to.
I also see the Animal Totem that empowers you and the Animal Spirit Guide wanting your attention.
Nothing brings me more joy than seeing a person's face when their perspective shifts, and they now feel empowered to make different choices.

8 years of practice
On Core Spirit since November 2020

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Joan Wilson
May 19, 2021

Hello! I would like to know exactly how the session goes. How accurate is the practice? Thanks in advance!

$24 USD
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