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The intention of this session is to align your subconscious and conscious minds to the awareness that this is a Quantum Experience (everything is a vibration to align with).

Within this session we journey through every modality that Landon is asked by your guides to bring forth.

During an agreed upon time, you simply relax and receive. This can be in silence or to meditative music such as a suggested binaural beats track.

Landon calls in support from your Spirit Guides, Angel Guardians, Galactic Family, and any other Beings of Light that wish to be present and support at this time.

Then diving into a Tarot Reading or Channeled Message Landon will record all messages and send a voice memo via email after the conscious time is complete.

Landon brings Tarot, Intuitive Guidance, Channeling (Elementals, Galactics, Guides etc), Light Language, Aura Embodiment/Expansion, Cellular Activation, and Subconscious Reprogramming to the forefront of this session while holding space for your own subconscious and guides to do the work they need to with energetically supported space!

This session is Extremely Impactful and may take up to 17 days to fully settle within the human body.
Take it easy and drink lots of water before and after this session!!

Excited to Dive into the Quantum with You!

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Here to guide you in remembering your authentic power!
I utilize modalities of Cellular Release, Subconsicous Reprogramming, Tarot, Movement, Guided Visualization, Channeling, Light Language, and Quantum Fields to assist in your remembrance.

My intention is for you to gain more clarity in who you already are…as we understand who we are becoming already exists!

Practitioner since 2018

4 years of practice
On Core Spirit since June 2021

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$177 USD
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$177 USD