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Qigong Starter Class

$10 USD
$10 USD

The power of consciousness for holistic health

Are you interested in holistic health and igniting vitality and well-being from within ?
Discover and experience new insights from ancient Chinese wisdom to better understand what consciousness means from the Qigong perspective and how it is related to your life quality and health. Explore and apply the relevance and role of consciousness for holistic health and well-being.

Get to know easy to learn practices you can do from the comfort of your home. We offer this unique starter class to give you the opportunity to get a first taste of experiencing Qi (life energy) and to understand how Qigong can support you in reaching your health and well-being goals.

Close the gap: Discover the power of consciousness and its importance for your health and self-healing process, living your full potential and the life you love.
This starter class is for you, if:

  • You are new to the world of (Zhineng) Qigong and don’t know how to easily find out more about it.
  • You feel there is a missing puzzle in the way you work with others or in your own health journey.
  • You would like to learn to empower yourself and/or others emotionally, mentally and physically and put into practice an enhanced portfolio of tools and methods.
  • You are a: Doctor, acupuncturist, coach, trainer, health therapist, interested in holistic health and well-being based on self-health management
  • Want to experience and apply one concrete scientifically proven method to (re)-establish health and well-being with an immediate positive effect.


  • Mini lecture - Introduction to Qigong and Zhineng Qigong
  • What is consciousness?
  • Different forms of Qi
  • Living a balanced life
  • Apply two concrete scientifically proven methods to (re)-establish health and well-being with an immediate positive effect

What are further benefits of Zhineng Qigong?
The systematic, easy and fun practice of Zhineng Qigong is a proven way to enhance and increase one’s vitality and well-being in a holistic way by activating one’s innate powers on all levels – physically, mentally, emotionally and socially. Zhineng Qigong is for everybody, and can be practised anywhere at any time. Embark on your own journey to holistic health, well-being, true self-awareness and renewed life quality.

History of Zhineng Qigong
In 1988, Zhineng Qigong gained popularity as Prof. Dr. Pang Ming founded the first medicineless hospital in China - the Huaxia Zhineng Qigong Clinic - where this form was practiced. The hospital focused on the activation of self-healing abilities and life-force energy, also known as Qi, and was the largest hospital of its kind in China. Functioning as a non-profit organization, it was recognized by the Chinese government as a legitimate clinic, and over the years the Center treated more than 300 000 patients with 180 different diseases, achieving an overall effectiveness rate of 95%. So, it is no wonder that Zhineng Qigong has become the world’s most widely practised form of Qigong with, over 20 million global practitioners.

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Hunyuan Qi Therapy (HYQT) and Life Changer by HYQT offers comprehensive (online) theory and practice programs based on Hunyuan Qi Therapy and Zhineng Qigong. This profound, vital energy self-healing system is recognized as one of the most effective natural self-health care approaches on the planet. Its founder is Prof. Dr. Pang Ming who also set up the first medicineless hospital in China.

On Core Spirit since November 2022

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Blueprint with Oronos® according to Natara®:

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Vocational Analysis


An introduction to the most reliable astrological process ever devised that is specifically curated for identifying one’s vocation. Have you ever asked yourself, "what is my calling in life?" Does the prospect of job vagaries make glum? Are you finally where you aimed to be professionally, but now questioning everything, including the path you chose to take?

Target audience

Candidates often are undergoing their first or second Saturn Return, or perhaps are in college.


Save time and anguish by zeroing in on a direction that is most fitting and suitable for your natural aptitudes and interests. Done well clients realize the potential of a Vocational Analysis when the work life aligns with life's goals, and ultimately leads to fulfilment (The Midheaven). Alignment seems to be the key, to discover and attend to whatever the spirit finds agreeable, natural, and for the most part, generates well-being.


15 minutes: this is not a full session, but only one small sidebar to a comprehensive consultation.

Other comments

The Midheaven Extension Process is remarkably reliable, but no process is foolproof. Many non-astrological variables are at play to either affirm or deny individual life direction. Still, with over an 80% success rate most people find incredible value in this service.

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Daily Reiki for a Month

Reiki for 5 Minutes of a day for a month

How to order:
Rates are designed to be cheaper for longer periods…
$25 per month (30 days of reiki, $0.84/day)

1. Your name (First and Last Name).
2. Your primary location. Location should include City, State (or region) and Country.

What to expect:
Most people do not have the time or money to schedule a weekly 30-minute reiki session. I offer Reiki by the day. Sign up and go about your life knowing that this reiki master is sending 5 minutes of reiki a day around sunrise or sunset.

Discover renewed calm and balance with a little Reiki every day. Watch as common aches and pains seem to vanish. Everyone needs more reiki for a deeper balance of the Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Please send me your feedback by email or social media.

Benefits of Reiki:
- Relieve pain, fatigue, and depression.
- Reduced stress, and anxiety.
- Increased feelings of relaxation. Aiding in sleep and removing insomnia symptoms.
- Improved mood and emotional well-being. Better appreciation for life, especially our own. Leading to improved quality of life.
- May improve conditions like headache, tension, insomnia, and nausea.

Legal disclaimer:
The Reiki is not a medical device, and not intended for use in diagnosing, healing, or preventing disease.

Reiki sessions can detoxify the body on a physical and spiritual level. Physical effect could be digestive discomfort as the body purges toxins. Spiritual effects could be tears and buried emotions suddenly surfacing.

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Light therapy
Step Into Your Light - Christina Moore
Apr 26, 2024, 09:00
Ewart St, Brighton BN2, UK
Light Language Personalised Tracks

Light language is the most ancient language of the cosmos. It is the language of our soul. It is not words as such, but it a series of aural vibrations that affect our energy when we listen to them.
The beauty of light language in healing is that we do not need to understand it in order for it to work. As the vibrations reach us, the sounds are translated into light by the pineal gland, and then gently break down the blockages in the body to bring healing.
As a light language channel I can record a personal track for you to help you on your journey towards health and wholeness. You may have a particular intention that you would like me to work with, or perhaps you put your trust in the universe and just let them decide what you need.

Each track will be emailed to you for you to listen to as often as you feel directed.
Many people say they find listening to light language much easier than meditation as there is no conscious effort required, you just lie back and relax.

If you would like more information please do not hesitate to ask me.

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Emotional Freedom Technique
Patricia Vasconcelos
Apr 26, 2024, 14:00
30 Minute Free Info Session - Online via ZOOM

Looking to get some information on what a Conscious EFT Session looks like? Or looking to join a group Breathwork Session?

Book a free info session and I can answer all of the questions.

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Body and Emotion Code
Ted Kostek
Apr 26, 2024, 13:00
Jacksonville, FL, USA
The Emotion Code and The Body Code

The Emotion Code is a technique which uses kinesiology to release trapped emotions which are negatively impacting a person’s life. Trapped emotions can lead to health problems, both physical and mental. By releasing them, one can move on in life or find it much more manageable.
The Body Code helps to discover underlying reasons for health problems. Everything in the body is connected. With the Body Code, these connections are revealed, leading to solutions to health issues.

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