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Psychodynamic Coaching

$2500 USD

Children, career, relationships, me-time: the juggle of motherhood is real. Mum-life can feel stifling and restrictive - often it feels like there just isn’t enough space for you. Current triggers stir up past wounds, history keeps you stuck in dysfunctional patterns, the challenges of parenting provoke anger, resentment, anxiety and overwhelm. Trying to find ways to navigate this unchartered terrain on your own, can feel lonely and depressing.

I will love, motivate, cheerlead and fight for you whilst teaching you how to do this for yourself during a 12-week, one-to-one coaching programme during which you will receive 7 hours one-to-one, face-time mentoring from me in addition to 24⁄7 online support as you heal your past and reclaim your full, magnificent, feminine self!

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I support mothers to stop feeling sad, angry and resentful by helping them to understand how their past is affecting their present. Together, we clear their inherited emotional baggage, break their unconscious beliefs and focus on building their identity, boundaries and self-worth so that they feel calm, confident and in control of their lives once more!

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