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Pranic Healing (Energy Healing)

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Through Pranic Healing I will Open, Cleanse, Activate, & Balance All of your Chakras. Also Cleanse your aura and open your third eye. With this Practice You will Heal Mentally, Spiritually, Emotionally, & Physically. Pranic healing Can be done On-site Or distantly. Pranic Healing Has the ability to Heal Any Issue That you may be dealing with Or past issues From this lifetime or others. This can cleanse your karma & allow you to live your best life. Depending upon What you are needing to heel And What you allow to be healed Pranic healing depends on The client believing And the practitioner Practicing fully,clearly, healthy & properly. This gives you the ability to journey through many levels with Ascension being the goal. Depending on where you are And willing to go will depend on how many sessions And what type of healing you would need. This can help in your Emotional, Mental, Physical, & Spiritual Parts of your life.

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I AM a Pranic Healing Practioner on Every Level. I AM a natural Intuitive Empath. I also use my 30 years of experience learning about & working with my gifts,crystals 🔮 and card reading to help clients. With all practices I AM an experienced Spirtual Energy life , relationship, and business coach. Living my best life!

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Helen Spence
Mar 29, 2021

Hello. I have constant stress at work. I understand that my state of mind is getting worse. Could you please tell me if pranic healing could help me and make my life better?

$75 USD
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$75 USD