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Philosophic Counseling

$120 USD

As an APPA-certified philosophical counselor and trauma survivor I express my passion for philosophy through the trajectory of healing that integrates the mind, heart, and body. What we lose in the relational event of trauma is the integral self whose appearance shines through the space of others. In philosophic counseling, I offer clients, from a variety of life situations and professions, to work through the crises and dilemmas that present in relationships, careers, and life in general.

You may find us working through important issues such as existential crises and melees, developing one’s world view as an integrated belief system, emotional issues, including grief, despair, angst, and other elements of our human condition, decision-making and moral dilemmas, and the awakening of purpose, meaning, and value. Philosophic counseling elicits a journey between the crumbling of one’s limited assumptions and understanding to the healing birthing process aimed at finding our truth through a dialogue that facilitates the emergence of the self.

The majority of my sessions are done through zoom, skype, or facetime.

My standard rate for a 60 minute session is US$120.00, but I offer a reduced sliding fee for lower-income clients.

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My practice in Philosophic Counseling involves opening an nonjudgmental holding space where one can be broken open and allow the dark pieces of the self and one’s experiences to exist without fear, and where the darkness may become the fertilization of growth and movement into greater self-understanding, self-acceptance, self-realization, and authenticity.

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$120 USD
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