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Dolores Cannon, author and teacher, developed the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique and wrote around 20 books detailing the miraculous work she accomplished with this method. I was lucky enough to train with her beginning in 2010. Since then I have done an estimated 2000 sessions and have taken almost that many people through the process of integration and healing that happens when we undergo this treatment.

If you want to heal your issues, find your life purpose and discover yourself on a whole new level, a QHHT session may be just what you need.

Four to five hour session includes counseling and review of the issues you are facing.

The talk part of the session takes around 2 hours. The hypnosis takes about 2 hours also. I allocate 5 hours for the session.

Sessions begin either at around 8am or 3pm. I generally travel to my clients in the greater Los Angeles area. Sessions are also available in Hollywood. The fee starts at $400, depending on distance I need to travel. Sessions in Hollywood are $400.

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My mission is to help my clients align with their purpose, talents and highest joy. My modalities are strategic and creative consulting, QHHT past life regression hypnosis, energy healing and more. I've just returned to my native CA after 6 years in Europe and 33 years in New York City. I'm very happy to be back!

If you are ready to dig deep, get in touch!

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On Core Spirit since April 2021

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Andy Sway
May 19, 2021

Not online but I can do a version of it by phone.

Jess Rogers
May 19, 2021

Can i do it online?

$400 USD
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$400 USD