Musculoskeletal Assessment and Program design

coaching session
$68 USD
$68 USD

Full musculoskeletal, postural assessment and exercise program design. Total time =4 hours coaching.

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Warren Oliver Stone2021-05-11 11:43 UTC

Hey Joan. Thank you for your question. Before I can honestly answer that question I would need to find out what is causing your backpain. There are a number of questions that I can ask that would give me more of an idea about what is going on with your back. For example, what makes it worse, what eases the discomfort, what type of pain is it (sharp, dull, radiating, down one side, worse in the mornings) any loss of movement, when did it first start, what do you do (work, sports, hobbies). What are your stress levels like, do you drink water, smoke, drink coffee? Once we’ve figured out what it could be that’s causing the pain I would have more of an idea. Sometimes with a disk injury for example I can get you out of pain within the first session but realistically to fully rehab a disk a minimum of 6 months would be the expected time depending on age/lifestyle. Muscular problems again similar outcomes but the shorter rehab time. Hope that helps answer your question

Joan Wilson2021-05-11 10:51 UTC

Hello! I’ve been dealing with the problem of back pain recently. I’ve already tried self-massage but this did not work. Do you think your courses will help me to relieve the pain? If so, how many sessions are needed to start noticing the results?

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