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$120 USD
$120 USD

Angel tarot readings will help you discover aspects of yourself that you are not aware of and are blocking your abundance and your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance.

Find out which Archangel is helping you deal with challenges in a kind and understanding way. This archangel will show you the aspects of your personality that are interfering with achieving your goals and going through life in harmony. Through self-discovery you will learn the lessons of your soul, you will release limiting beliefs about yourself, and you will rewrite your story adopting new beliefs that will elevate your soul and allow you to live in abundance and balance, aligned with your purpose and your truth.

This session is aimed at women who are on the path of self-knowledge, releasing limiting beliefs about themselves in order to heal inner-child trauma, and connect with their soul truth and their life purpose.

The benefits of angel tarot reading are many:

  • You will discover which archangel is with you at this moment
  • It will help you see yourself from the perspective of your angel, who will show you your strengths and gifts
  • You will gain clarity in your next step
  • You will gain greater knowledge of yourself by seeing the wound of your inner child that needs to be healed
  • You will begin your healing process with the intervention of your angel, releasing energy blockages with the dowsing technique
  • You will receive action steps to continue your healing

During the session you will be able to receive channeled messages from your angel, you will gain a renewed perception of yourself by knowing how angels see you, and you will be able to discover your strengths and your gifts. Your angel of light will also show you the wound of your inner child that you must heal to move forward, how this is reflected in your current life (your challenge), and what are the steps you must take to heal. In addition, your angel will intervene if you so wish, releasing the beliefs and emissions that limit you with the dowsing technique.

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Veronica Dennis is a professional tarot reader, reiki master, and angel channeler. She has been working in the field of spiritual healing and guidance for more than 15 years, helping her clients to discover their true self and achieve their highest potential. She offers tarot readings, reiki sessions, and angel coaching sessions, using her intuition and connection with the divine to provide accurate and insightful messages. Whether you are looking for clarity, direction, healing, or empowerment, Veronica can assist you with her compassionate and respectful approach.

15 years of practice
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