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Learn EFT Bio-Energy Meridian Healing Treatment by Sister Earth Creations

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$55 USD

EFT Bio-Energy Meridian Healing Treatment
Spiritual Intuitive - EFT Bio-Energy Meridian Healing Treatment

I offer refreshing Self Applied Meridian Bio-Energy Balancing Healing Treatments. (Energy Medicine) EFT, TFT, NLP, TAT.)
As a Trained Energy Practitioner and; Spiritual Intuitive I will Explore the Mysteries of Bio-Energy Self-healing with you.

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​It is my soul passion to help others grow a sense of self-respect, self-compassion + self-love. …

Intuitive Oracle Card Reader, I created my own oracle card system for spiritual readings…
Spiritual, Magikal & Shamanic Life Coach, Meditation Teacher (Certified in all 3),
Meridian Practitioner EFT, TFT (Certified), Akashic Record + Shamanic Reader,
Core Magick Tutor.

30+ Yrs Experience

33 years of practice
On Core Spirit since October 2020

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People often get some relief right away, but relief depends on what you are working on, some issues clear up right away with other more complex issues can take longer & for some issues the technique must be reapplied. There is usually a general calming effect & then improvement is individual. The client can self-apply the technique in between sessions. Once you learn this technique you can apply it as needed. I can give a more clear answer if I know more about the specific issue.

Veronica Kee
Apr 15, 2021

Hi! I don’t know much about this method of healing, but are you supposed to feel better right away or does it take several sessions? Thank you!

$55 USD