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As an energy intuitive and psychic medium, Mandi has decades of reading for countless people and has brought a sense of peace, comfort and hope (even joy and laughter) to many following the loss of a loved one. This is your time to connect with spirit, ask questions and find greater clarity. Sessions are emergent in nature, and in complete allowing and responsiveness to what shows up for the client. Some clients get what they need from a one off session, or one session every 2-6 months, while others prefer a journey of 3, 6 and even 12 months. Here are some of the ways Mandi has assisted clients: - Discovering what’s truly of value to you and creating a life that reflects this - Channeled messages and guidance from higher consciousness, guides and loved ones in spirit - Guiding and facilitating deep connection and communication with your inner being, authentic self, higher consciousness - Guiding and facilitating journeying to the inner landscape allowing for profound insight and awareness - Trauma recovery and integration - Soul retrieval and integration - identifying and integrating sub-personalities and aspects Identifying origin of illness - physical, mental and emotional, clearing the field and replacing with fresh high transmissions of light - Introduction to a simple effective meditation practice - Revealing and transforming limiting conditioned thoughts and beliefs - High energy transmissions for clearing and transmuting unresourceful conditions Resolve internal conflict between thoughts, feelings and actions and experience liberation

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Mandi offers grounded and practical teaching of embodied wisdom and meditation and is dedicated to helping individuals connect with the truth of who they are. An energy intuitive and grief movement guide Mandi supports people around the globe through life coaching, grief support, deep listening and energy healing - helping others to access their own living presence and awaken to life.
2022 years of practice
On Core Spirit since January 2021

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