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The inner peace treatment is an one to one holistic wellness treatment.

You will be guided on an inner journey, through your own body and mind to discover your true self and connect to the source within you.
The treatment give you the oppurtunity to increase your sense of wellbeing, remove blockages, release trauma, and release any mental and/or emotional blockage you want to free yourself from.

After the treatment you will experience inner peace, a stronger clarity, feel the power within you, and develop a deeper connection to yourself and to all aspects of life.

The Inner Peace treatment will support you to get to know yourself on a deeper level.

“The voice of society”, our past, our parents, our religion, our environment, everything we have heard and been told, learned and experienced influence us – and sometimes this influence causes us to form belief systems that ain´t working for our highest good. To reach our full potential we need to find the belief systems that is coming from our own true self, to fully support our wellbeing. Often the world around us have such a strong influence on us that we tend to disconnect to our own inner center and to the wisdom we carry inside our heart. Without our connection to our inner center we tend to lose our balance in life.

The Inner Peace treatment will take you on a journey within yourself where you will be guided all the way to you find your inner wisdom, your true self. When reconnecting to your true self you can navigate your mind from your highest inner state and become the master of your own life experience.

The Inner Peace Treatment is an unique way to reach a deeper understanding of yourself and experience an increased sensation of wellness and inner peace.

A session with Inner Peace can be directed to all or any aspects of life. Including but not limited to general areas such as, relationships, career, health etc. Or specific and often avoided themes, such as childhood trauma or neglect, unhealthy family bondage, low self-image, self-harm, addiction and compulsive behavior, abuse, fear, guilt, shame, attachment and anxiety.

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With a roller coaster of life experiences Camomilla had to dig deep into healing to overcome her own struggles.
Through her own journey and exceptional studies she became an expert on mental challenges.
Her skills to work with releasing emotional blockages and free the mind from suffering are of the highest quality.
Camomilla support you to find inner peace.

6 years of practice
On Core Spirit since May 2021

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May 20, 2021

You will experience a huge relief from every session.
One session itself does a lot, if you want a complete life transformation usually multiply sessions is needed, but not always. Just one session is enough to feel and experience results.

Irene Hudson
May 14, 2021

I really need an inner release from everything. After how much time or your sessions will I be able to feel the result for myself?

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