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In-depth Personality Assessment

coaching session
$30 USD

I offer in-depth personality assessment and coaching sessions where you will learn about your conscious and unconscious self.

1. My goal is help educate, inspire, and lead you to a path of knowledge and self-discovery through a combination of personality frameworks like Myers-Briggs, Enneagram, and Psychology angle, while also coming into an understanding on what led you to the person you are today
2. Help you embrace your light and darkness while also show ways on how you can maximize your growth, your relationships, or even school or career dynamics

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I’m a personality typing enthusiast and passionate about people through helping them understand themselves more and be able to work on the inner healing and growth needed as they understand and embrace the dark and lighter parts of themselves. I combine my knowledge in myers-briggs, enneagram and approach my healing work in a holistic manner.

On Core Spirit since December 2020

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$30 USD
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