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A deep analysis of your unique Human Design chart, providing insight into how best to manage your energy needs, your higher purpose, unique gifts & talents, the challenges you will likely face on this journey & a strategy to create with greater ease. This session will bring clarity & direction into your life, leaving you feeling refreshed, empowered and inspired.

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I’m a certified Human Design Practitioner, here to support & guide people in connecting with their higher purpose, in order to find clarity & fulfillment at a Soul level.

Human Design provides a unique birth chart for each of us, based on date, time & location. Using your unique codes, I will bring you into energetic alignment, to discover your personal truth & magnetism.


2 years of practice
On Core Spirit since April 2021

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Sara Miller
Apr 23, 2021

A session is 90 minutes, and you will receive a 20 minute video to watch beforehand for your energy type. It is incredible accurate, without fail 🤍

Apr 23, 2021

Hello. how accurate is this practice? how long does it last?

Sara Miller
Apr 13, 2021

Hi Alina.. yes birth date, time & location. If you are unsure of the exact time, I’ll be able to help in pin pointing this for you :). Please feel free to email me for further discussion.

Alina Lee
Apr 12, 2021

Is that my birth date and time that is needed?

Sara Miller
Apr 9, 2021

Hi Veronica, time of birth is necessary, but with Human Design the chart sometimes does not change at all for hours. If you book a reading, I will be able to work with you to pin point your specific chart using your date & location of birth :).

Veronica Kee
Apr 9, 2021

Hi Sara! Is time of birth necessary to create the chart? If so, how accurate does it have to be?

$222 USD
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$222 USD