Handling Stress & preventing Burnout

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The distinction between the real and virtual world gets increasingly blurred, due to a fast paced life, leading to a high levels of stress, that imposes a heavy burden on the Mental health. The constantly weakening mental health eventually leads to the candle burning at both the ends and an eventual Burnout.

If you are already there or can see yourself heading down that slippery slope, then these sessions are for you.

You shall have a better understanding of: Stress, the damage it is causing you, how to undo the damage done and how to prevent further damage in the future.

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A serious meditator since the past 24+ years; Teaching since the past 20 yrs. Offered almost 1,500 Meditation Sessions free, since March 2020, participants from across the world.

Holistic Health coaching/HEALING, AYURVEDA based ENERGY unblocking techniques (5+ yrs)
Healing approach: freeing energy blockage+ diet+ Pranayama + Mudra

Life Coaching clients in India, Asia and Europe.

22 years of practice
On Core Spirit since April 2021

Life Coaching
$100 USD
coaching session
Handling Anxiety

Most of us experience various anxieties in life, but when such anxieties start becoming too frequent and too intense, then they start becoming an obstruction in the way of normal/healthy living.
To tackle anxieties of all kinds, these sessions are offered to all those, who have identified the Issue & want to address it optimally, once and for all.

Apoorva LOCHAN
Life Coaching
$100 USD
Energize your life

Everyone wants to enjoy life in a state of high energy. Towards that end, I shall guide you to energize your life, in a holistic manner, so that you truly enjoy life, without having to depend on any person / substance for the same. The approach used is holistic, encompassing all aspects of a being.

Apoorva LOCHAN
Spiritual Healing
$100 USD
Health Coaching

Enabling healing of various chronic ailments, using the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, Yoga, Pranayam, Mindfulness, Mudras and Marma. Some of the ailments that could be addressed: GERD, Arthritis, Spondolysis, various Auto immune ailments, Anxiety, GI tract ailments, etc.

Apoorva LOCHAN
$100 USD
coaching session
Spiritual Journey

There is an increasing urge experienced by more and more people, to undertake the Spiritual journey, without the baggage of any organized religion.

If you want to get deeper insights about the spiritual path, without really wasting too much time, as time is limited for everyone, then these sessions would enable you to get you deeper insights about this most rewarding PATH, on the basis of my own experiences over the past 24+ years, while walking on this incredible Journey.

We shall explore the Journey within, which would enable you to have greater clarity about what is truly important in life. You shall understand how you can truly add greater value to your Life, while you continue to practise your chosen profession.

Apoorva LOCHAN
Career Coaching
$100 USD
coaching session
Life Coaching

Increasingly more and more people feel a strong need to live life more meaningfully.

Often some people experience a mid life crisis, which prompts them to look at their priorities afresh.

Hand holding / facilitating the possibility of finding the answers within you.

Apoorva LOCHAN

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Apoorva LOCHAN
May 17, 2021

Hello Emma
Better to avoid sedatives as much as possible. These sessions can offer a very viable alternative to sedatives, etc.

Apoorva LOCHAN
May 17, 2021

Hello Amanda, That would depend on your present state of mind, but results can be visible in a single session quite often, but it takes a few sessions to deepen the understanding.

Emma Stone
May 17, 2021

Hello! Can I take a sedative to cope with stress? Or is it better to use such online sessions?

Amanda Smith
May 14, 2021

Hello! How many times do I have to attend this session to see the result?

Apoorva LOCHAN
May 14, 2021

Hello Joan
Thanks for reaching out.
As always, these are passing phases of life and you shall surely deal with them optimally.

You might want to schedule a few Sessions and see how they enable you to be better equipped to address the challenges faced by you presently.

Apoorva LOCHAN
May 13, 2021

Hello Brandon,
Thanks for reaching out.

The Sessions are easy paced & customized as per the prevailing state of mind of the coachee.

Wishing you a vibrant life,

Brandon Green
May 12, 2021

Hello. Feeling really stressed out lately, yet I do not have much powers for some intense sessions. Is this practice calm and slow enough for me?

Joan Wilson
May 11, 2021

Hello! I wish I knew what I wanted in life. I got my bachelor’s degree and have some work experience already but I feel like I’m never gonna be happy. Nothing inspires me, nothing makes me passionate. Do you have any advice on how to find my purpose?

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