Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis

$45 USD
$45 USD

An analysis of blood chemistries from a functional or prognostic perspective that gives data on how the physiology of the body is functioning. By analyzing lab work, it increases the ability to detect dysfunctions long before a disease manifests. Blood chemistry is a profound network of checks and balances, biochemical regulation of function and compensatory mechanisms at work. This analysis shows key patterns and trends that exist so an impending health issue can be dealt with early on. One can begin the treatment of a metabolic or nutritional dysfunction at the root level; as well as identify potential organ dysfunction.

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I love educating others about healthy eating and natural health. I have seen first hand the power of good nutrition and the healing it brings to the body. Healthy eating is the cornerstone of health and well being! I have a Ph. D in Natural Health and Nutrition and a N.D. The body has an innate ability to heal when given the proper tools!

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Joan Wilson2021-05-24 11:13 UTC

Hello! Does this session help to improve physical health? Thx in advance!

Bethany Padgett2021-05-15 19:14 UTC

No. If you have recent lab work that is fine; I can also order lab work for you. Are you dealing with a particular health concern or are you interested in a baseline around your general health and well being?

Emma Stone2021-05-14 17:18 UTC

Hello! Do I have to have a blood test before I can book an online session with you?

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