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Free 30min belief change session

coaching session
English, Polish


Let me show you how in only 30min we can change one belief from a chosen area of your life! ;-)

Target audience

Individuals (age 25-65) who are ready to invest in their growth, expand their mindset & transform their beliefs about self-esteem, love, relationships, health, spirituality, money or business!


Together we will shift one belief from a chosen area of your life WITHIN MINUTES! :-)


Please show up for our session on time and prepare one belief (a positive affirmation) from one area of your life that you would like to transform.


The purpose of the session is to show you how we can work together so that we can assess if we want to continue working together in the future :-)

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8600 Lagos, Portugal

Karolina is the Power Couple Therapist. As a plant medicine guide and emotions expert, she supports people in the realm of love, intimacy, mindset, and personal growth. Her approach to coaching is deeply rooted in empathy, intuition, and evidence-based practices.

Karolina has spent the last 10+ years traveling to over 20 countries, learning from world-renowned thought leaders, international speakers, and best-selling authors such as Dr. Bruce Lipton, Teal Swan, Regan Hillyer, JuanPa, and Gregg Braden.

She is trained in various modalities: PSYCH-K®, the Completion Process (by Teal Swan), NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Parts Work & Reiki, among completing many other certifications and trainings. Her events and workshops have been carried out in Australia, Costa Rica, Thailand, Spain, Poland, Germany, India, Portugal, Denmark and England.

On Core Spirit since April 2024

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