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Fountain of Youth Genetic Re-programming

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This process is a beautiful way of helping you to look younger and feel more youthful and vibrant.

It is believed that eons ago we had the blueprint in our DNA of how to rejuvenate, live much longer and look young and healthy. The memory of this is still in our DNA and just needs activating.

This treatment is carried out remotely with Theta DNA Healing, so you have the freedom to be anywhere in the world while it takes place. We work with you energetically through the Theta state to:

  • Change the genetic structure of aging, and pull out Genetic Markers
  • Disentangle, clear and heal your cells, atoms, molecules and DNA from damage, mutations, disease, distortions, imbalances, illness, past life issues, hereditary issues, toxins
  • Clear and replace your negative beliefs of aging from yourself, parents, family, friends, society
  • Heal, balance and energise the DNA in the Master Cell to improve muscle tone, to help create a more youthful, vibrant skin
  • Activate the Youth and Vitality chromosomes
  • Activate the blueprint in your DNA for rejuvenation
  • Clear heaviness and the responsibility that comes with being a 'grown up' and replacing with the qualities of being childlike, free, spontaneous, carefree, happy, joyful, playful, excited, living in the moment, loving every moment
  • Install joy, unconditional love, freedom, youth, vitality and vibrance in every cell of your body.

During the session the genetic programs for the ageing process are changed. The work is carried out remotely, in the central cell of the pineal gland.

Genetic programs for ageing and getting older are pulled and cancelled, and replaced throughout the body with the new program of:

'I am young and ageless, forever regenerating'

Negative beliefs about ageing gathered throughout life are also pulled, and replaced with positive ones. Then the Youth and Vitality chromosomes are activated.

The Session

This session is carried out distantly, wherever you are in the world.

All we need is a recent photo and payment. We will contact you to confirm your appointment date. You can either relax, or carry on your day as normal - it will be just as effective either way.

We will then carry out the Session and email you a detailed Report of what has been carried out.

Afterwards drink plenty of water to keep hydrated and flush out any toxins that have been released.

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I have been helping people feel uplifted, happier, healthier, energised and more connected for over 20 years.
Clients issues - self-worth, sensitivity (being an intuitive sensitive/empath - gentle and caring in a challenging world), narcissistic relationships, stress, anxiety, victimisation, abuse, and physical problems.

Have a look at the website and see what in particular resonates with you.

21 years of practice
On Core Spirit since March 2021

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$118 USD
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$118 USD