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Follow your Soul - it knows the way

coaching session
$120 USD

Hi there lovely people!

If you are currently or generally feeling lost...lonesome...unbalanced and unhappy: contact me and see, feel, perceive...if you want to make use of my help - in order to re-connect with your beautiful Soul and that you are not suffering for too long and on your own, alone.

The moment you step out of your own castle and comfort zone - you're halfway there: in a more balanced, more peaceful, conscious and beautiful life.

Believe me: Much of your suffering is based and rooted in not knowing.
Which can be changed.

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Hello! I am Senada, a psychologist, life mentor and coach working in Berlin and other cities in Germany (currently mainly via Zoom). After working in publishing, the education, health and social sector - I have now reached mid-life and am helping people get in contact with their Souls and the beautiful life principle within them - and thus orient themselves better: in the world in their own lives.

4 years of practice
On Core Spirit since August 2021

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$120 USD
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