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Energy Healing

healing session
$110 USD

I am honored to assist you with intuitive channeled energy healings that support and nurture you on a physical level as well soul and energetic level, each session is channeled for your highest good.

The energy that source and our mother Gaia provides for us allows us as healers to be channels of this energy which we so lovingly pass onto you to help you heal any emotional, physical, or mental issues that you may face is for your highest good. 

While we can only be channels, we guide you to be open both on a physical and soul level so that you may receive the healing and consciously be open to learning to help heal yourself, together we can get you back into full alignment of body, mind, and soul.

Sevices based in Australia - distance

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Holistic and alternative practioner
Services are:
Energy Healing, Akashic / sould retrevial and healing.
One on one ascension support to those who have just awakened or have been awake for some time.

I write for on Spirituality, Healing, Mental Health, Life Lessons, Personal Development.

Online spiritual development classes are available worldwide starting late February 2022

5 years of practice
On Core Spirit since December 2021

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$110 USD
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