Dimensional Energy Healing

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$80 USD
$80 USD

Dimensional Energy Healing is a gentle yet deeply profound treatment .
The forces of all nature and therefore the forces of the body are expressed within us as rhythmic motion. So as a practitioner I engage with these forces to enhance your natural healing ability.

We need to tell our untold stories! I work with two main principles; Stillness and Being Heard.
When we are held in this way it is far more possible to access our vast stillness that lies within. This stillness is limitless, deep and constant.

When we are held in a space of non-judgement and non-agenda, the mind starts to rest, the wisdom of your own body gets to hear itself, the nervous system settles, communication with each of the other systems occur, blockages are released, energy moves, rhythm expresses itself, insights happen and wholeness is restored.
I am guided by the wisdom of your body, trusting that your system knows what it needs to do. Subsequently the mind stops trying to work it all out.. what a relief!
When we are deeply heard in a safe space, all manner of healing is possible.

I’ve taken the principle of how I work with Craniosacral Therapy and been able to transmute it into a modality of healing that works online in the energetic realms.
I call this work, Dimensional Energy Healing.
Here we can deeply explore and listen into the unseen realms; the pre-natal, the ancestral, the shamanic, the unconscious. Your system decides what it wishes to show.
I find it fascinating that when the sense of physical touch is removed, I discover this whole energetic field appears to come into greater availability with more volume and greater visibility than being ‘in the room.’

Quantum Science.. I’m no physicist but here’s what I’ve learnt.
“Quantum Science shows that each of us is a bio magnetic field and that each of us is an integral part of the wider universal electro-magnetic field. Quantum science also demonstrates that every thing, every person, every subatomic particle is connected in a time-space continuum. In quantum science, this is known as non-locality. Quantum science therefore shows us that we can connect with anyone or anything, anywhere in the universe. And..what determines that connection is our focus of attention.. our consciousness.”

My take on ‘being a healer’
I’m trusting the wisdom of your own body and whole system. Essentially I am not the doer or the fixer. I’m holding the space for you and yes I am the facilitator but always knowing that a greater mystery is holding both of us.
Your participation is important in our sessions, rather than the idea of you laying down and ‘having something done to you.’ It doesn’t mean that we are continually talking … we are often in a gentle dialogue or you may be asleep or out of body.. but it’s a required sense of engagement and the understanding that this is a collaboration. This healing does seem to work with the most potency in this way of participation.
I feel we are responsible for own health but equally we need support, acknowledgment and love along the way. Perhaps we were never broken, yet the long and winding road we take appears to become the path to return to wholeness and to find acceptance.

What I can support and help to heal? I can provide healing support for most conditions and issues.. including Depression, Insomnia, Addictions, Trauma, Stress, Anxiety, Perimenopause, Thyroid disorders, Back pain and Tinnitus.

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I've been journeying into holistic healing for over 25 years, Reflexology followed by Body Massage and on discovering the healing power of a witnessing presence, I trained as a Craniosacral therapist. Now I have created Dimensional Energy Healing, available online. I integrate deep healing exploration, experience as a child counsellor and many years of a conscious dance movement practice.

25 years of practice
On Core Spirit since October 2021
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