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Dance with the Moon

$35 USD

Awakening to your monthly cycles and understanding the moon rhythms creating a deeper journey into our sacred feminine within. Learning the stretches from Qi Gong and gentles moves to dance with music. Plus ceremonies during Full Moon & New Moon to guide you in meditation and bring you inner peace, comforting, motivation, empowerment to your divine energy. An Ebook is also given to you once you join our monthly classes.

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11 years of practice
On Core Spirit since July 2020

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Riva Jazz
Apr 30, 2021

Dear Alina, in these classes you will be encouraged to do your own Journaling of the menses and emotions. It is up to your commitment towards what you wish to learn that will also give you discernment and wisdom during each moon cycle.

Thank you for your question.
To be more bluntly honest, I don’t count my client’s menses through their birthdays.

If you ever pursue a moment of reassured or nurturing feel free to be in contact again. 😅🕊💜

Alina Lee
Apr 30, 2021

Will you count mu monthy cicles basing on my birthday ?

$35 USD
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