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Cord Cutting - Release emotional attachments

healing session
$80 USD

Cord-cutting is the removal of negative emotional energy cords that you hold with another person.

Cords worth cutting*:

  • Ex-spouse/partner
  • Parent/Guardian
  • Sibling
  • Boss/authority figure
  • Close friend
  • Significant family members
  • someone that caused you hurt or injury
  • Sexual partners

Negative cords are astral-level, energetic connections that we form when we have a
significant relationship or encounter with someone. This negative cord is an
energetic structure which contains all the negative patterns and dynamics of the
relationship between two people.

Emotionanl cords of attachment are normal for all humans. These cords have an enegetic impact on a emotional and psychological level that can greatly impact your quality of life, self-love, self-care,future romantic relationships and overall wellbeing.

Cord cutting has been around for centuries. The concept of negative emotional cords is rooted in the healing traditions passed down by Native Americans, who believed that harmful or toxic relationships can manifest as energetic connections that can be cut.

Only negative cords are cut. Positive cords cannot be cut.

What you need for the session:
You will need to come to the session with a name of a person you'd like to cut negative cords with. If you can't narrow down to one person, bring a list of names of people you are considering and I will be able to tell you which cord has the highest negative energy that should be cut. You will also need a private area where you won't be disturbed, pen and paper for notes. The cord-cutting session is about an hour.

Benefits of a cord cutting:
Improve the relationship with that person
Release unhealthy emotional attachment
More emotional stability
Increased sense of personal power
Courage to express yourself
Trusting your intuition with clarity of who you are in the world

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It's 100% possible for anyone to have the relationship they want. As a love coach, I know that letting your guard down is necessary to attract the relationship you desire.

As an empathetic leader and love coach, I guide busy professionals who want better relationships but lack clarity and confidence on what to do to attract the ideal partner and co-create the relationship you desire.


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