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Consultation about Emotional Releasing

$10 USD

Emotions and feelings like anxiety, stress, doubts, uncertainty and past traumas hold all our limitations in place and prevent us from living happy, joyous and fulfilling life. In this introductory session we will discuss your issues and expectations and already begin to release some of those limiting emotions using the tools of the Sedona Method. Once you have a first-hand experience of letting go of negative limiting emotion you will discover that you indeed can let go of anything that's holding you back in your life, and you will find your courage and path to do so until you completely free yourself.

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Helping individuals and businesses shed their limiting beliefs and discover their unlimited nature. Letting go of whatever attachments and aversions are holding them back from being freedom and abundance that they already are. Milan is a Certified Sedona Method Coach and Coach of Lefkoe Method with over 15 years of experience.

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On Core Spirit since February 2022

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$10 USD
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