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Confidence Power Hour

coaching session
$199 USD

Ms C was feeling as if she was a lost cause. She knew she needed to feel more confident in order to perform better in job interviews. But each interview left her feeling less and less confident. It was a vicious circle.
In a one-hour Power Hour with Jane Parslow she had located her own source of strength and was able to bring on feelings of confidence whenever she needed them. She left with techniques she could continue to use after the coaching and is now able to approach interviews feeling completely differently. From ‘lost cause’ to 'calm powerhouse' in an hour!

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I support people through MidLife transitions, whether that's retirement, empty nest syndrome, becoming a carer or any other change that affects our sense of identity at that age. My previous experience in change projects allows me to combine practical techniques with NLP, neuroscience and other coaching methods.

I qualified as a coach in 2010 and I'm a member of the ICF and a fellow of the RSA.

13 years of practice
On Core Spirit since November 2021

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$199 USD
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