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Biochemic Tissue salt consultation

$45 USD

Start your journey to health and wellbeing by connecting with me for an online naturopathy consultation TODAY.

The facial diagnosis is based on the idea, that the absence of certain minerals develops certain signs on the face, as for example the colouring of the face or the state and the vigour of the skin. The lack of certain tissue salts results in different health issues. Tissue salts are indicated in loss of mental power, brain fag, paralysis of any part, nervous headaches, neuralgic pains, general disability and exhaustion and sleeplessness from nervous disorders.

Trust me and let me read your face to find a solution for your health problem.

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Hi! I am here to help. My aim is helping people to maintain their health and improve their quality of life, following a holistic approach to health. So do not hesitate to contact me and book your online consultation.
I am a certificated and registered Naturopath, specialised in Herbal medicine., Homeopathy, Bio-chemic Tissue salts Therapy and Mental Skills Development.

16 years of practice
On Core Spirit since April 2020

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Helena Szollosy
Apr 9, 2021

Hi April,
Certainly. We first look into the causes of your condition and then find the solution that serves you the best.

April Chase
Apr 7, 2021

Every day begins with dizziness, nervous headaches, and I think that all this is against the background of insomnia from nervous disorders. Will your classes help me get rid of this? Thank you in advance for your answer!

$45 USD
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