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Beyond Illusion Counselling

coaching session
$150 USD

I am an NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming – NLP Definition) trained therapist and coach who can show you how to navigate the trauma of awakening to a world that has not been completely truthful. Despite the pain and loneliness you are feeling as you awaken and navigate the illusions of the system, there is a silver lining beyond the processing of this new reality shift.

The shock often brings anger, frustration and hopelessness however, this is where I can guide you to empowerment using your innate abilities. I can confidently assure you that the awakening process brings new awareness, freedom, resilience and joyfulness.

You are not alone and millions of others are awakening with you, breaking from their old beliefs and learning to rebuild the self on a different foundation. I would love to show you that this life can once again be wonderful; better than you ever imagined.

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I provide engaging motivational presentations, workshops, online training, coaching and counselling sessions to individuals seeking a return to joy and resilience. Utilising the power of NLP , emotional resilience skills and quantum science, I create results. My services are for those seeking to return to joy, and find direction and self-empowerment during their awakening process.

On Core Spirit since November 2020

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$150 USD
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