Aromatherapy Massage

healing session
$110 USD
$110 USD

This aromatherapy massage includes a variety of massage techniques such as Swedish, myofascial and deep tissue massage while incorporating the powerful benefits of dōTERRA essential oils. During this session, a diffuser will be on to promote relaxation, and essential oils specific to your needs will be added to the massage lotion in order to enhance benefits. Stress and anxiety reduction, decreased muscle tension and pain, and improved digestion and nerve health are just a few of the many benefits dōTERRA essential oils can provide.

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I work as a licensed massage therapist, corrective exercise specialist, dance teacher, and yoga teacher. I am passionate about movement and my goal is to incorporate joy and the healing properties of human movement into all of my practices, decreasing pain, and improving quality of life. I love to travel, dance, and care for my assortment of plant friends. I am excited to work with you!

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Eva Glain2021-03-22 16:35 UTC

Hello! I’ve heard that lavender is used for most oils, but am I really intolerant of it? And I have a strong allergy to the slightest contact with citrus. Can you please tell me if aromatherapy allows you to avoid this?

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