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When we are trying to grow a plant, it is important that the soil is moist and properly fertilized. When the roots are happy, the plant will flourish, producing fruit, flowers, oxygen and life! We can take the same approach to our own bodies. If our soil or living environment isn't habitable or the nutrients we are feeding ourselves aren't nourishing enough, we grow weak, unstable and sometimes it can lead to chronic conditions and disease.

This consultation will walk us through your medical history, diet, exercise and daily life so I can determine what areas we need to focus on. We will discover what kind of constitution you have as to identify which herbs and esscenses are the best fit for your body. We will then come up with a plan on how to overcome the issue or issues at hand.

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My name is Jody, and I am a clinical aromatherapist and herbalist. I am CEO of both Mindful Mixtures LLC and The Herbologist Shop where both companies have been my outlet to share with the world the incredible powers that plants have to offer. I offer consultations and create custom blends of aromatherapy products and herbal teas.

8 years of practice
On Core Spirit since June 2021


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$85 USD
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