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Akashic Records

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Join me as together we take a shamanic journey to the path of accessing your Akashic Records.

These records are like a blueprint of your incarnations before here on earth.

During this journey, we find out parts of yourself that may give you a deeper insight into who you are today, why some places have a resemblance to being at home, or why you hold some limiting beliefs today as well as give you a glimpse of the lives you held previously. 

Are you ready to go on a journey to explore your past lives? 

Service based in Australia

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Holistic and alternative practioner
Services are:
Energy Healing, Akashic / sould retrevial and healing.
One on one ascension support to those who have just awakened or have been awake for some time.

I write for on Spirituality, Healing, Mental Health, Life Lessons, Personal Development.

Online spiritual development classes are available worldwide starting late February 2022

4 years of practice
On Core Spirit since December 2021

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$10 USD
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