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Every living thing has a purpose! For some the purpose seems simply at first glance but upon further reflection one can start see more depth and expansiveness.

The path of purpose has depth and many moving parts. This path is about your wholeness, your worthiness, and your connection to all things. The path of purpose is inclusive. It brings you to new places of understanding the reasons behind your words, thoughts, and actions; it asks you to recognize the impact you have on not only yourself but on others too; it shows your natural talents and abilities; it wants to broaden your perspective of life’s challenges, changes, and lessons; it is how you develop your sense of integrity, passion, love, and compassion; it reveals the beautiful and complex web that intertwines all of us. For me I see how our choices, actions, words, thoughts, experiences, and knowledge create wisdom, hope, dreams, and growth.

Looking forward to guiding you through your records to assist your expansion and contnued success!

All Services and Products provided by Angela Maroosis are for spiritual growth, guidance, and entertainment, and are not intended to replace medical, legal, psychological or any other form of professional services or treatments. No refunds.

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My biggest expression of love in this world is my ability to show up for myself and others. As an Intuitive Channel I enjoy supporting the creative energies of change and expansion in people’s lives. My practice at Butterfly Creations is dedicated to encouraging and equipping people to celebrate their uniqueness and the experiences of their choices, growth, and worthiness.

2 years of practice
On Core Spirit since August 2021

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$60 USD
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$60 USD