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Akashic Records Reading

$60 USD
$60 USD

Every living thing has a purpose! For some the purpose seems simply at first glance but upon further reflection one can start see more depth and expansiveness.

The path of purpose has depth and many moving parts. This path is about your wholeness, your worthiness, and your connection to all things. The path of purpose is inclusive. It brings you to new places of understanding the reasons behind your words, thoughts, and actions; it asks you to recognize the impact you have on not only yourself but on others too; it shows your natural talents and abilities; it wants to broaden your perspective of life’s challenges, changes, and lessons; it is how you develop your sense of integrity, passion, love, and compassion; it reveals the beautiful and complex web that intertwines all of us. For me I see how our choices, actions, words, thoughts, experiences, and knowledge create wisdom, hope, dreams, and growth.

Looking forward to guiding you through your records to assist your expansion and contnued success!

All Services and Products provided by Angela Maroosis are for spiritual growth, guidance, and entertainment, and are not intended to replace medical, legal, psychological or any other form of professional services or treatments. No refunds.

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My biggest expression of love in this world is my ability to show up for myself and others. As an Intuitive Channel I enjoy supporting the creative energies of change and expansion in people’s lives. My practice at Butterfly Creations is dedicated to encouraging and equipping people to celebrate their uniqueness and the experiences of their choices, growth, and worthiness.

On Core Spirit since August 2021

Angela Maroosis
My First Tarot Card Readings

Tarot cards were not new to me but, the first time I touched them to read for someone other than family it was an experience I did not see coming. As a child I was exposed to a number of very different kinds of people, in my family’s art gallery I met people who have the creative gifts of being artists and visionaries who shared their passion and connection to something bigger than themselves with the beauty of a colour palette. Another kind of creative energy was the numerous politicians and community minded individuals, I am not suggesting that all politicians are community minded but from my experience I place these groups together because their paths share a distinct similarity for me – a demand for influence and recognition. This energy stood out to me because my father as a politician has a distinctly different energy, not better than but different. Then there was a home where my family and I would spend time with another completely different kind of energy group, here we were introduced to psychics, channelers, astrology, meditation, reiki, and tarot. My fondest memories of these friends are the smiles and openness to my curiosity.

I was in my mid twenties before I ever had someone read my cards for me, and that experience led me into a seven-year lesson on the power of using tarot cards. I call this reading my Death Card Tarot Reading because she read this card not just as significant change but as the actual death of one of my grandfathers. Her details were beyond what I could see for myself from the cards that day and by the time she left I was feeling uneasy but curious about why the reading had taken such a turn. Over the next few years, I would do my best not to dwell on the information but use it to remind myself how precious my connection to the people I love is and perhaps that was the bigger lesson, because I took every opportunity to spend time and share my feelings with those closest to me.

I have a series called Near Death Experiences, in the video called “Reshaping Other Experiences” I discuss how this tarot reading came about and did unfold exactly as she predicted. **Please see my video section if you would like to know more, as I have posted this video for your viewing pleasure.

It would not be until my late thirties that I would venture again near a tarot deck or a reading. My curiosity to go back to looking at tarot cards was a gradual process and I stuck to only doing it with close family members. I have never studied tarot but when I would look at the cards and describe what I saw and felt, those around me with much more experience would smile and then proceed to show me that I had read the energy. As my confidence in my own ability grew and I found myself talking about what I was sensing without the use of cards, I decided to enroll in a psychic development class.

During one of the classes, we were asked to have on hand a tarot deck without its book. This class was a remote learning situation, so I would lock myself in my bedroom to participate in quiet privacy. On this particular evening, each student was to read for another person in the group, and I was paired up with the teacher’s partner. He was trans-channel medium, which simple means that he would go into a trance state and allow an energy to use his body to relay messages. He has a fascinating gift and the collective who speaks through him offer amazing insights, predictions, and guidance. As I was shuffling the cards and concentrating on his energy, I suddenly needed to use the facilities, so I apologised, placed my deck of cards face down on my nightstand and excused myself momentarily. When I returned, I found my deck split in two face up on the bed. I immediately read him the message that came to me for those cards and before I could cop to the fact that I did not draw them, I sensed his energy becoming unsettled. He had a barrage of questions about what I had said, but instead of answering them I shared how his cards had come to be and before I could say that I did not remember what the message was I had told him, he was gone from the call. Our teacher excused herself and we continued with the exercise amongst ourselves. I remember wondering what just happened and then worried that I had said something wrong, but when our teacher returned, she assured me that I had done the exercise correctly. After the class call ended, I spoke with her and her partner who shared that he had received some information earlier that day and was still processing how to deal with it, and when I mentioned specifics and then offered an outcome, it was overwhelming for him and so he left to gather his thoughts.

As for objects moving in my space, this is not something new for me, and each time it happens I smile and let my intuition guide the intended message and purpose. What struck me most about the tarot cards moving was that spirit needed to relay the message immediately and reveal their presence around me. It would be another few years before I would read tarot for anyone, for no other reason than I was satisfying other curiosities about myself and my abilities. As for moving objects my experiences continue and I greet them with joy and curiosity.

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May 23, 2024, 06:00
Writer's Block Shamanic Healing Session

Before the Session

I do my pre-meditation to find out the main reasons for your writer's block. (This happens psychically, where I generally just need your name, but a picture can help, too.)

It may be as simple as a deep rooted belief that once you write from your heart and really put your honest thoughts and fantacies out there, you will be harshly judged, not understood, criticised, unappreciated, ridiculed, laughed at, so on and so forth. It may have its origin in a trauma you have experienced in this life time or more than one lifetime. It could be a karmic cycle you're going through and maybe it's not the first life, where you struggle to be your true self and to express yourself freely.

Perhaps, it could be a belief that no matter how hard you try, you can never create a really good piece of writing. Perhaps, it's an issue of completing something. Perhaps, concerns over money and writing what sells (and not what is close to heart) that's the problem.

The above are just examples. I would need to meditate to see what your unique situation is.

Reading Part of the Session

In this part, I will let you know what I saw in my visions when I pre-meditated on your writer's block.

Healing Part of the Session

We will discuss the reading part of the session and wil find what traumas / reasons / habits / beliefs / etc. are available for healing. We may find the specific events, decisions or promises you made in the past that need to be revisited and changes made. With your permission, I will perform shamanic healing for those particular birth places of the limiting beliefs, fears and hurts that lie at the heart of why you are experiencing your writer's block.

This kind of healing is not only good for critical instances, where help is needed. If you are not experiencing writer's block at this time, this kind of healing can reveal issues you would benefit from healing and clearing to become even better at what you do, do release any fears, judgements, beliefs, limitation that may be hindering your writing at this time.

The goal of this healing session is to get you to feel safe and comfortable being your true authentic self, making your authentic decisions and taking bold steps in the persuit of freely and openly expressing your true self in a unique way, and doing it with pleasure, joy and peace.

Please write your questions, concerns and anything else you would like to know about this session in the comments below.

  • Please book your session a few days in advance because I need some time to meditate on your particular situation and understand for myself, what action steps can be taken for healing.

Disclaimer: I am not a licensed physician or a mental health provider. My services and content are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical or mental health advice, diagnosis and/or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical or a mental health condition. Never disregard professional medical and/or mental health advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read here.

By registered users: 33
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May 25, 2024, 15:00
Soul Realignment Akashic Records Reading

How many of you say you don’t know why something keeps happening to you…over and over again….in your life? And you ask, “Why?” Others wonder about past lives…”What did I do to deserve this?” Some feel drawn to things they don’t understand, or are attracted to people or places or jobs….and don’t know why. Do you feel like you are always the outlier, the visitor, the ‘never-quite-fits-in’ one? A Soul Realignment Reading can help answer some of those questions. I go into your Akashic Records and look at your soul’s journey…but more…I look at your divine gifts, too. It uncovers the blocks and restrictions that can stop the “over and over again” feeling, can explain the “never-quite-fit-in” feeling, can give perspective to the attraction to certain people or places, and it can shed light on how to change choices that are not in line with your divine gifts…. and allows abundance to flow into your life. This reading can also reveal attached souls or Earthbound souls that are weighing you down and drawing on your life force energy. They can be cleared and released as part of the reading.

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May 23, 2024, 13:00
Find your $ Blockages

A LIIFT UnTherapy Exploration Session to identify the level of your blocks to Financial Well-Being


  1. You and I will use the 8-Part Money Test and the Maximum Permitted Good evaluation form to identify where your Internal Operating Software. 2)Then you and I will use the LIIFT UnTherapy healing process to accomplish 2 to 3 money belief healings to begin making those positive changes in your life 3) Then we'll return the the Evaluation forms to determine how much you've healed so far.3) After the session I will provide you with copies of the notated forms so you can track the results of your future healing work.

Target audience

This specific session addresses adult financial issues.


You will gain a clearer understanding of the belief contributors to your money and finance limitations. The 2-3 money healings will give you a start on your healing journey towards more financial abundance and more money in your pocket


LIIFT UnTherapy is a peer-to-peer evaluation and healing process. Your subconscious will guide you and me to the best path for understanding and fast healing of your life. Your subconscious knows what to do and in what order. I know how to ask the questions and guide you in the process. And you get the fun of doing the work! You will NOT have to talk about what happened, nor remember it, nor re-experience it during your healing.

Other comments

Money and financial limitations generally involve beliefs from many belief categories in your life. For example, your spiritual beliefs, your belief in your own worthiness for love and good, and even any beliefs about being safe in life can affect how much money you are allowed to receive and keep

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